Gynexin Side Effects: Revealing the Facts and Dispelling the Myths

Gynexin side effects? Without a doubt, I know this is the no. 1 question you have in your mind right now.

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If you are living each and every day with the agonizing embarrassment of man boobs, Gynexin side effects are certainly not what you want to contend with!

I don’t blame you.

Whenever a new health product is launched, there’s always a 99% chance of rumors spreading around about possible side effects.

It applies the same to Gynexin too but in reality, majority of these rumors were passed around by people who have not really tried Gynexin.

I decided to spend some time researching about some of the ‘claimed’ Gynexin side effects and specifically, how much of these information being circulated around is actually truthful.

Is Gynexin Safe? 

According to the company, Gynexin aims to reduce the size of your male breasts. Your body receives a special blend of ingredients that are designed to target the fat cells on your chest and break them up.

Before you start worrying about Gynexin side effects, you need to know that the ingredients list is filled with all-natural and generally botanical ingredients like green tea extract, fruit extracts, plant resins, caffeine, and more.

Just take a look at the label below:

gynexin side effects

The ingredients work in a safe and gentle way, yet they also provide you with the results you really want to see, which is a drastic reduction in the size of your male breasts over time.

Chromium maintains healthy metabolism and caffeine helps the body to absorb the formula faster.  Sclareolides, a biennial herb, helps to increase testosterone and decrease estrogen.

It’s just not possible for a herbal product to have any legitimate side effects.

So What Really Are the Gynexin Side Effects?

Over 150,000 users have taken Gynexin, and there are no reported long-term harmful effects related to the consumption of Gynexin.

The fact is that the vast majority of people who take this male breast reduction formula do not experience any Gynexin side effects except for the desired one, which is a drastic and natural reduction in the size of their male breasts.

Only a  handful of users reported stomach irritation or increased heart rate. It is likely that they have not taken the necessary precautions which the company has made it very clear on their website.

  • Do not exceed the recommended maximum dosage of 4 capsules in 24 hours
  • Not suitable for people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or a thyroid or liver condition
  • Do not use while taking St. John’s Wort widely used for depression, anxiety or sleep disorders
  • Do not use while taking acetaminophen or paracetamol widely used as pain reliever or fever reducer

As always, consult your physician before using Gynexin if you are taking any prescription medication.

What Do Real Users Say About Side Effects Of Gynexin?

You can verify if Gynexin is safe yourself by reading through the various reviews others have posted online about it. They hardly mention any side effects of Gynexin at all.

So just how does Gyenxin work for people?

I’ve looked beyond testimonials provided by the company’s website and found many other good feedback online. Here are some of the many comments contributed by real users online.


Gynexin Side Effects? My personal conclusion.

Therefore if someone you speak to mention about some rare and mild unknown problems resulting after the use of this herbal supplement, you’ll now know it’s not because of any side effects of Gynexin, as there literally isn’t any.

Gynexin is a herbal supplement, which also means that you can ingest it regularly without any part of your body suffering from excessive consumption. For the best results, you need to follow the company’s daily recommended dosage and take the capsule with a large glass of water.

Now that you have taken the time to learn that there is no known negative Gynexin side effects, you will want to see what Gynexin can do for you, just as how it has helped me get rid of my man boobs.

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